How to start using your MusyBox
  1. Activate Bluetooth on your cell phone.
  2. Press the operation button on your MusyBox for 5 Seconds and your MusyBox will say “Hi I'm ready for connection."
  3. Pair your MusyBox with your cell phone.
  4. You are now ready to enjoy music, conference calls and picture taking through your MusyBox.
    1. NOTE:

      The volume of your MusyBox is controlled from the volume control of your cell phone.

    To receive a call

    When you have an incoming call, use a short press of the operation button of your MusyBox to connect or a long press to reject the call. End a call with a short press of the operation button.

    To take a picture

    To take a selfie, turn on your cell phone camera function and then a short press on the MusyBox operation button will take your photo.

    Warning sound

    There are two situations in which your MusyBox will make a warning sound

      a. Your MusyBox is out of power; or,

      b. Your MusyBox is out of Bluetooth connecting range (This also acts as a loss and anti-theft alarm).